About Us

Who is Taunt?

Taunt is anyone who wants to be a member! There is not a single person in charge at Taunt. The decisions made about anything to do with the direction of the community will be made by the community. The only decision that we have a "panel" on is the monthly fee. Even admins are decided on by the community.

What is Taunt?

Taunt is a community that was started by a group of friends who like to play games together. Most of us started out on another server, but we wanted more from the administration of that server. We wanted people who actually played to be a part of the server. We decided to make our own place, were our administrators were friendlier and a part of the community, not above it.

How did it get started?

You are witnessing the start of it right now. We rented a server box for TF2. We got some slave laborers (shout out to Infinite, jayrod, d0nk3y and szekely!) to work on our server and forums. Add in about a week's worth of name disputes, and BOOM! Taunt is born.

Where's Taunt going?

Anywhere the members want it to. We are not just sticking with TF2. We plan on expanding the game servers provided to other games, but that will be a little later.

The extra stuff.

The people who started Taunt never intended for there to be any issue with any other communities out there. We do not advertise on other servers, nor will we ever. We do, however, let any of our members mention where they like to play. If you love Top Notch, The Bar Room or Trashed Gamers, awesome! We hope you'll love us, too.
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