BiG_TyMe - "Stickies come out, people go boom. You can't explain that."

My bottle crits more than infinite bitches. Fairly typical canadian... watch hockey a lot during the season, LOVE the leafs and play the TF2 from time to time. You can catch me on Badwater/Goldrush in the afternoon or evenings as well as loitering around in Mumble. If you've seen me in game you have met my bottle (if you haven't I will be seeing you soon, son). Where INF usually gets really worked up I'm usually pretty laid back so if you have any problems make sure you send them to him first as I do get a laugh out of listening to the ole boy get fired up. His favorite is "Hey infinite, the server is lagging for me, can you help?" COME AT ME BRO, I'll be happy to play with or against you.

Camel Cash - F2P FTW!

Free to play players are the ones who really make this game fun. I've been living on the west coast for some time, and I can say, if it weren't for F2P, I don't know how I'd live with myself.

d0nk3y - "Incoming"

d0nk3y wanted someone else to write his intro. That should tell you a lot about him. When something is amiss with the layout of the site and forums, he is the beast of burden to go to. Other than that, fuck with him, and I, Mader, will hunt you down in real life and smack you. He plays a dwarven cleric and a mean engineer.

'Drawed - I fucking hate pyros!

Dr. Lydia Lyshitski, M.D.

I'm a Warpath regular who plays primarily medic, then engi, then pyro (if the spies piss me off while I'm playing engi). I'm basically a pocket medic to any of the regulars who don't suck. I'll occasionally wander into Badwater/Goldrush. My Blutsauger is my best friend, and I will do my best to rape you with it. When I'm not doing that, I'm probably asleep in a college classroom somewhere. P.S. - Ronin is my bitch.

dRoGo_ - "dat guy who complains in a funny accent"

Ze healing is not as rewarding as ze hurting, I tell you that from experience. If you get killed, you get TAUNT'd. Problem? If I die with a full uber, and you're on my team... well, better mute me.

Ender - "I don't fucking W+M1"

My axtinguisher requires souls. I will correct your grammar and spelling.

Σ-Stigma - "No, that's not an E."

I'm your local soldier/pyro/spy, as well as your minecraft overlord. I will also taunt after every kill, so there's your freebie. Still want more? I'm a dirty hippie, and if I'm playing you'll find me on badwater or pipeline, or just dropping in on the other 27 servers we have. See you around, suckers.

evillittlekiwi- - "Tits or gtfo"

I'm the nicest medic that will ever heal you..SO TAKE THIS KRITZ AND GET ME POINTS! I frequent Warpath with a dash of badwater/goldrush and when I'm bored I resort to peeing on you. I am obsessed with minecraft, pandas, unusual heart hats, and boobs. My lip gloss be popping and I may or may not be a ginger with no soul. :3

Fudgie - AKA FuD - "I am not the demo knight this server deserves, but I'm the one it needs."

Hi! I'm Fudgie. Ice cream cake. Heavy. Man-child. Demoknight. So yeah. How are ya? That's good. I'm also looking forward to that new Uwe Boll movie. Not really. You're an idiot. What just happened? I don't know either. AM I HELPING?!

hotdog - "Hold on to your butts!"

I enjoy food and would love to hear what you've eaten today. I normally play engineer/soldier/medic/spy. I hate players who complain that their team needs a class, but won't switch themselves. I'm obsessed with pistons and redstone in Minecraft and I like movies, especially bad ones.

infinite recursion - "I eat fun for breakfast"

Outside of my amazing pipe skillz I'm also a ninja programmer for this lame tech company. After I'm done with my free food and free massages at work, I quite enjoy being called INF, pwning n00bs, bitching about the quick fix, bitching about too many snipers (well, just bitching in general), and writing pimp plugins to keep the server fresh. I have a ton of time invested in Taunt, and I ain't gonna let it die. Lookout though because sometimes I get 42 horseman mad.


KristyGoon - "I got oobs and I know how to use 'em!"

I am the crazy cat lady who makes an art out of eating and gaming at the same time. I only play engy and medic, so if you need a pocket medic who can turn you into a hero, I accept paypal ;) I am a preschool teacher when I am not kritzing a fattie, so if I talk to you like you are a three year old, its probably cause you are acting like one. Now let's play!!

Lithium - AKA Helium, Capt. Lithium, Cpt. Shenanigans, Dr. Dysprosium, Brigadier General Beryllium, High Chancellor Helium, Staff Sergeant Silicon, Lt. Lithium, Sergeant Sulfur, Marshal Magnesium, or General Knight-Errant Commandant Weeaboo

I don't always play TF2, but when I do, I'm usually there to screw around. Whether it be mini-sentry engy, demoknight, or the team's 4th sniper, I thoroughly enjoy being "useless." But just you watch, 'cause that mini-sentry has led many a team to victory in the past. I was at one point an avid pyro player, but have since then moved on to be at least slightly proficient with almost every class. Except scout. Therefore, when I do feel like being helpful, I am willing to play whatever class the team needs at the time. Except scout. Fuck scouts. Also see: Shady

LoTuS - "Do you get Veg-e-ta-bles on your 12 inch?"

Mader - "Poopie-doopie"

I'm the handholding Mother figure here at Taunt, and I am also the evil slave driver. I try to keep the peace, and I try to keep infinite from turning into old man before his time while simultaneously giving him more shit to do. I am going to be the one you want to go to with complaints. Just know, I may not care. - trying to save inf some grief with people bitching to him. bets it will work?

Mug - "Headshot from Europe"

(MP)Ryan - "Class balance is serious business."

I play games to de-stress from work, which I say here only because it may not be immediately obvious when I'm screaming about the absoeffinglutely ridiculous class balance on the team. Play to win and I won't burn you to death... maybe.

Nebulaz - "Bread box of love"

Hi! Most people call me Nebz for short. If I'm not playing a game I am normally writing 1000's of lines of code for classes. I primarily play soldier and you will recognize me because of my pink Spartan helmet. I scream and cuss excessively behind my mic while playing TF2 and always hope that I haven't accidentally hit my push to talk button. I also will in fact kill myself with my own rocket to kill another player, to the point that one night I was referred to as a kamikaze soldier...

Oreo Blender Blaster - "The most dangerous item on the Denny's menu"

Go ahead, try to eat me. If you can get past my minigun, that is. I am the keeper of Warpath Mountain, keeping the old-time map fresh with new ideas. I'm quite suicidal, probably due to my wife evillittlekiwi always threatening to divorce me.

paulyo90 - I joined a frat.

Shady - "I don't usually play medic, but when I do, I go on a 14-kill streak"

I don't always play TF2, but when I do, I want no trouble. No way. No way. Get real. NOBODY KILLS SINGED! NOBODY! Also see: Lithium (Change the aliases, but other than that, same person.)

Stanley - "Chris" aka "Grumpy Old Mushroom"

Let's take this out the window Stanley. Loving husband of pyramid head and father of 2 taped recordings of babies.

StimSim - "I'm older than dust and have fucked more bitches than Elton John."

The token Old Man on the Mountain, been gaming since the days of Pong. I enjoy long walks on the beach with the cart, so long as it puts out with sex and candy, which is why after I kill the sentry nest for the 5th time touch the cart so I don't have to yell.... I'm always online, if I'm Away then I don't want to be bothered, if I'm Busy then there's probably something to do with a bottle of viagra, a salad bar and bodily fluids involved (ask the other admins).

szekely - AKA ...Matt

I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi... I enjoy 90s cartoons, Bad Religion, and Iron Maiden. These days, I'm braving the Wisconsin winters, tipping the team balance, and studying political science. I do a little bit of everything, but mostly when no one's watching.


Taunt me once, I taunt you twice. You don't like to be taunted? Then get mad like me. Tek is sooooooo mad!!!!

Vultures - Band Geek

Zekeus - "Giant Bag of Douche."

AKA "That One Asshole", "Tim the Badger", and "Mashed Potato Johnson", I destroy wood walls for breakfast and I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS. I'm not always an asshole, but I usually am. Generally a sniper or soldier when in TF2. I make the fun hats you see at end of rounds. Win a contest, and you too can have one.

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