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Couple of stranges/strange festives for sale

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#1 (Radon) Major KB

(Radon) Major KB

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Posted February 19, 2015 - 07:55 PM

Seeing as how I really only play mann versus machine anymore, i'm starting to sell my nicer things. No need to keep them when I can drop them and save up some cash for better stuff. Eg; going to Europe.


So the stuff being sold currently;

Item                                                                                         Cost               Things changed

Strange Australium Grenade Launcher                         - 64  USD                                         SOLD

Strange Kritzkrieg                                                                - 72  USD          Name, Description, Sheen         SOLD

Strange Gunslinger                                                            - 52   USD         Name                                       SOLD

Strange Festive Scattergun                                              - 73  USD

Strange Festive Buff Banner                                             - 8    USD                                           SOLD

Strange Festive Flame Thrower                                      - 24  USD         Parts                             SOLD

Strange Festive Medi Gun                                                - 78  USD         Name                            SOLD

Strange Festive Wrangler                                                 - 3.5 USD        

Strange Festive Huntsman                                               - 17 USD          Description, Parts

Strange Festive Knife                                                        - 32 USD         Description, Parts


A couple of them have extra parts, or description tags/name tags. They are as follows


S. Kritz - "I love my bunny. Hands off!" with a description tag of "It's a sign if you shine when you wiggle your hind." It also has a regular sheen of Villainous Violet. It is NOT professional.

S. Gunslinger - Renamed "The Iron Will"

SF Flamethrower - Strange Part Projectiles Reflected

SF Medigun - Renamed "Can you feel ze light yet?"

SF Huntsman - Description Tag of "If you do a good job you'll make my lightbulb blink" and a strange part of Headshot Kills

SF Knife - Description Tag of "Comes with a secondary "massaging" function. Studded for her (or his) pleasure." Strange Parts of Soldiers Killed, Engineers Killer, and Snipers killed.



Prices are based off of market prices, and then reduced since it'd be cash via paypal. If you buy the whole lot at once, i'll give you a discount, but we'd talk about that later if you decide to.


As per usual paypal transactions, you'll pay first and i'll give you the weapon instantly. Please note, most of said weapons are also currently listed on the steam market. I'll update this list if they get sold. I've been doing paypal sales here for a while, ask any of the older admins here.


Hit me up via steam, http://steamcommunit...id/Radon_Major/   If you see anything else you may be interested in, give me a heads up and we can discuss it.

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Posted February 20, 2015 - 02:57 PM

Solid shout out for Major, hes a professional type, all trades will go smooth like Meaty's back end.

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