Become a CMF!

Do you have what it takes?:
$2 a month
(that's less than my subscription to Cat Fancy!)

But what's so special about being a CMF?

Can play on our serversyesyes
Reserved server slotyes
Auto-balance immunityyes
Colored textchatyes
Round-end immunityyes
Fancy hat at round endyes
Access to L4D2/other serversyes
Private CMF forumyes
Lots of cool friendsyes
...and more!yesyes

Subscription Form

Please enter your exact Steam ID. You can find this by looking yourself up in our stats database or by typing 'status' in console while in a server.

The form for a proper Steam ID is similar to STEAM_X:XXXXXX. If you need help, you can ask someone in the forums. Don't worry; if something goes wrong, we'll sort it out over email.

Steam ID:

Again, the cost is just $2/month.

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